10 ways to self confidents


Keeping a positive attitude can be a significant issue nowadays with such countless debacles occurring consistently. It nearly feels like the world is against you on occasion, explicitly focusing on you and whatever fulfilled you that day. A solitary second can demolish our entire lives, leaving scars that won’t ever disappear. To as a matter of fact move beyond these without permitting them to hold control over us we need to ensure that our self-assurance is solid enough to shut out any regrettable musings.

Sounds pretty simple right? Indeed, the response to that question is bothindeed and no. Without a doubt, it tends to be simple in the event that you realize how to manage the negative considerations and view of yourself, yet on the off chance that you don’trealize how to really move toward this you will not have the option to doanything about it at any point in the near future, which is the place where this article comesin. In this short article we’ve chosen to feature the ten least demandingtechniques to keep up with your self-assurance and carry on with your existence with abless your face.

Along these lines, right away, how about we start this excursion into your mind’s well being and see precisely how we can deal with make it generally good for yourself.

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ONE.Visualize Yourself As You Want To Be

Instead of worrying about what people think about you, how about you
start looking at yourself the way you want to be looked at? Don’t visualize
yourself as manifestations of your fears and self-consciousness; picture
yourself as you would want people to picture you. Forget about your
shortcomings and losses and just look at yourself as a winner. You’re
there; you’re alive and healthy, so why sell yourself short? Just look in the
mirror for a good 10 seconds and repeat to yourself the following: “I am
beautiful; I am the best version of me, I am who I am and that’s perfect”.
This process will take some time, but the more you say it the more you
start believing it yourself. You might think this is pretty useless at the time,
but we can assure you that it’s not. The more highly you think of yourself
the more confident you’ll become and being confident can completely
change everyone’s opinion on you as a person. Although technically
nothing changes physically, people will immediately start noticing the
difference and commend you for it.

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two.Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is especially important since you’re basically
forcing yourself to pull through uncomfortable moments just for the sake of
learning how to deal with new surroundings. This is quite a hard step to take,
but it is worth the hassle. So, for this step we suggest that you do something
different today, something that you’ve never done before. Have you ever
woken up at 6 AM and just went for a jogging session? No? Maybe it’s time
you start. Have you ever tried going to a nightclub and just dancing all night
long? Why not start now?
Regardless of what it is, you need to make sure that you start bursting out of
your bubble and interact with more strangers. Put yourself in awkward
situations and force yourself to break through. This, as previously mentioned,
is quite difficult since you have to make sure that you do it regardless of how
unsettling and scary it may be. Even if it’s something as silly as saying hello to
your neighbor in the morning, make sure that you do that with a smile on your
face because you’ve earned it. The more awkward the situation is the better
because you’re eventually going to evolve and become a better version of
yourself in no time.

Three. Take The 100 Days Of Rejection Challenge

Now this is a very interesting concept because it implies sabotaging
yourself to the point where you can’t feel the pain of rejection anymore. Jia
Jiang has become world famous for creating this interesting social
experiment. His idea was as follows: Make incredibly unreasonable
requests to people all around you for 100 days straight. After you’ve gotten
rejected that many times you should be able to handle rejection pretty
easily. Being able to take rejection without actually getting hurt actually
empowers you and your self-confidence greatly.
Although it does sound silly at first, this social experiment has proven to be
quite effective on the long run. Jia Jiang’s experience for example has
showed him that without the fear of being rejected he can do so much
more now. This is definitely one of the most effective ways to get out of
your protective shell, but it is also one of the most extreme ones. A lot of
people will not be able to do this for so long, but even only doing this for a
couple of days has shown to make a difference. Just remember that
although this is extremely hard to accomplish, it also does have a very high
rate of success. So, if you’re lacking in the self-confidence category then
this is a must for you.

Photo by Tamra Creatives Agency on Pexels.com

four.Help Someone

Helping someone is definitely a way to forget about your own
problems because it forces you to ignore your problems at the
moment and concentrate more on what’s happening around you. If
you’re good at something why not share the knowledge and help
someone out? It’s a great confidence boost and it puts things into a
whole new perspective. It can even help you become more
appreciative of what you currently have. Now, we’re not saying that
you should just seek out people in need to think of yourself as their
superior. What we’re saying is that you should purposely teach,
mentor and train those around you to the point where you no longer
think about your shortcomings but instead think of how much progress
those people have made thanks to you. Think less about yourself and
more about the impact you’ve made so far on everyone else.

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five.Fix Your Flaws

This is definitely a rough step to take, but the evidence is clear, it
helps a lot. First of all you need to identify your flaws, but instead
of letting them dwell and hurt you all you need to do is try to find
ways to fix them and make yourself better. This is pretty hard at
first, but once you get the gist of it you should have no problem
with becoming the best version of yourself. Maintain your
hygiene, eat healthier food, and make sure that you don’t waste a
lot of time doing nothing. It may sound silly and redundant at first
but the best way to fix your problems is to face them head on and
unless you want to have them ruin your self-confidence you need
to make sure that you no longer give them the power to hurt you.
It’s a simple equation at that point. You – Flaws = Confident.

six.See Everyone As Your Equal

One of the main problems that most people with low self-confidence
have is the fact that they consider everyone around them as their
superiors. They think of themselves as inferior which really shows in
their behavior. In order to fix this problem all that you need to do is
see everyone as equal around you. Nobody’s better than anyone
else, regardless of their flaws. The moment you start to see everyone
as the best version of themselves you’ll start seeing yourself that way
too. You don’t need to waste all that time thinking that life just sort of
handed everyone a magical superiority potion and realize the fact that
at the end of the day everyone has flaws. The main reason as to why
these people don’t have the low self-esteem you do is because they
tackle it the way we’ve been telling you to tackle it. So, remove the
idea from your head that people around you are better than you are.
They are not. You just see them as such.

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seven.Fight That Inner Voice

We all get moments during which our inner critics start getting the better of
us. After we do something embarrassing or make an awkward situation
even worse we tend to end up getting criticized nonstop by ourselves. It is
actually funny how no person in this world criticizes us more than
ourselves, but the result is no laughing matter. This is a serious issue that
we need to handle head on to make sure that we don’t let that inner voice
mandate our view on ourselves. So, instead of letting yourself get
controlled by the voice how about you silence it with good thoughts about
yourself for once?
It might sound silly at first, but it is worth a try. Every time you hear
that voice saying “You’re not good enough” or “Why would you do that?”
just repeat to yourself that you did all that you could and that that’s good
enough for now. Nobody is perfect, and you won’t get the final word in
every conversation so don’t let it affect your mindset afterwards. You did
well. Even if the conversation was a literal mess, at least you tried. So give
yourself a pat on the back for that.

eight.Identify Your Talents And Use Them To Your Advantage

Everybody has a secret talent waiting to be discovered. Some people
have already found what they’re good at, while others have yet to
discover them. Some people are good at painting, some at writing;
some have an incredible memory while others can sing or dance.
Whatever it is, you need to find that special something about yourself
and use it as an anchor to boost your self-confidence. Not
everybody’s talents are as flashy as flashy as we’d want them to be,
for example some people are amazing at acting while others are just
really good at video games, but at the end of the day a talent’s a
talent and that’s something to be proud about. So, seek out new
hobbies, look into what you can experiment with and find your talent
today. The journey might take a while but it will be worth it by the end
of the day.

nine.Look In The Mirror And Compliment Yourself

We all have a thing that we dislike about ourselves and that’s a fact.
Because of this a lot of people end up choosing to never look in the
mirror anymore, avoiding the pressure of giving the inner voice we’ve
talked about previously more ammunition to hurt them with. But alas,
this is not the way to do it. In order to allow us to heal and get better
we need to wrestle our demons and the best way to do that is by
facing our problems head on. So, pick up that mirror and instead of
looking for every single imperfection you see how about you try
something different, like complimenting your hair. Compliment your
eyes, compliment your face shape, compliment your smile, and
compliment everything that you can. Do this at least once a day and
before you know it your self-confidence levels will be higher than

ten.Spruce Up Your Style

This might sound weird but sometimes a change in clothing can
actually affect you in more ways than you might think. Instead of
doing the same thing you’ve been doing for years now how about
you try to imitate the person you look up to the most in life? Grow
a beard, try a Mohawk, get baggy clothes then complete the look
by also purchasing a suit. Experiment with your style and you’ll
see yourself in a whole new light before you know it. Sometimes
we tend to attach certain negative stigmas to our looks, which is
why a change in style is so important. The more we change about
ourselves the more we differentiate ourselves from the person
that our inner critic would constantly belittle. Do everything that
we’ve mentioned in this short article and before you know it you’ll
have your self-confidence soaring the sky.

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