Does PayPal favor purchasers over merchants?


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Does PayPal Favor Buyers Over Sellers?

My new experience says yes to that inquiry.

There were 2 occurrences that drove me to that end.

The First Incident

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I run a minisite configuration administration called WOW Minisites and I use PayPal to take installments from clients.

One of my clients, we should call him X for straightforwardness, requested a plan bundle from us.

Not long (I’m discussing one day) after we’ve conveyed the plan to X to his fulfillment, he documented a PayPal debate saying that the installment charged by us (for our configuration administration) was without his assent and information.

We then, at that point felt free to disclose to PayPal that this was false and given them (PayPal) with evidence of our past correspondence with X where he gave us criticism on how he need his site planned, and furthermore showed them the minisite we’ve intended for X.

We even alluded to X’s site (yes his own area which can be checked by a straightforward whois query)

there’s a “planned by” .


Regardless of all the evidence we’ve given, we lost the case and X was acknowledged back for his cash. This implies we’ve planned his minisite free of charge.

After this occurrence, PayPal said that “your record has been noted for future reference”. I

don’t think about you, yet for me this in a roundabout way suggests: “Hello you better keep out of mischief.

We are continually watching you. In the event that your record keeps on getting questions, we may need to end your record.”

The Second Incident

This time, PayPal chose to haphazardly explore one of the installments I got from a purchaser. They asserted that the examination was totally irregular and was not a sign that my record was under consistent observation since I was boycotted or anything like that.

Back to make it understood, the examination was started by PayPal and not by the purchaser.

After some to and fro correspondence, PayPal by and by considered this installment to be improper, bringing about the assets that we got from the purchaser to be gotten back to him once more.


During these 2 episodes, PayPal continued inquiring as to whether I have sent the item to the purchaser and assuming this is the case they need the following data for the shipment. On the off chance that you sell advanced items like data or programming where no actual things are reallysent out to your client, or on the other hand on the off chance that you sell immaterial administrations (like my minisite plan administration), PayPal isn’t your ally. They are one-sided toward purchasers, as can be seen from my 2 episodes.

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So does this imply that we should quit any pretense of selling computerized items and administrations inside and out?

Since PayPal is supportive of purchasers rather than venders?

Obviously not!

While I’m extremely unsatisfied with PayPal for how they took care of my 2 episodes, the cash I made through PayPal is a whole lot more contrasted with the misfortunes I endured.

What’s more, there are other trader records or installment processors out there that you can utilize. It is stupid to abandon your business just due to this little issue.

Exercises Learned


In business, you need to figure out how to give up.

Most clients are acceptable, legit individuals. In any case, there are continually going to be a couple of spoiled eggs regardless.

It’s a numbers game. The more deals you make, the more bad eggs you will have. You simply need to regard this as a business cost and figure out how to give up as opposed to taking it excessively hard.

Try not to burn through your time battling or contending with miscreants like X above. It’s not just a waste of time, yet in addition a lost cause. Release them and continue on to the following client. Boycott them from purchasing your items or administrations FOREVER.

Focus on your great paying clients.

Discussing clients, do you realize that you can convey the best item and serve

clients with the best assistance, yet there are consistently individuals who whine regardless


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For this situation, you likewise need to give up. These grumblers are not worth your consideration and time.

Mercifully discount their buy and hope everything turns out great for them of karma.

Thank you for using

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