Effective app method to Design!

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Build a Best Selling App, Keep it Simple Stupid!


Effective method to Design and Build App

A far superior technique is to deliver something extremely basic this could be something as clear as an application that shares data maybe an assortment of expositions on wellness?

or on the other hand perhaps an exceptionally basic game.

Effective method to Design ; Get acquainted

This will offer you the chance to get acquainted with everything,

to see what it resembles to sell an application and significantly to try not to concentrate on something that at last is anything but a hit.

The bomb quick

Utilize the bomb quick’ technique by making loads of MVPs and afterward fostering the ones that end up finding true success!

However long you pick the right specialty, it will sell metal and get downloaded!

Simplify something

Effective method to Design and Build App;

The other motivation to simplify something, is that it will permit you to try not to figure out how to code in Java basic applications can be worked with direct application creation instruments.

likewise you can, hang tight for it hang tight for it !

you can Charge!

At long last, note that the most effective way to bring in cash from an application is frequently to charge for it.

Show promotions

Indeed, show promotions can bring in cash yet provided that your clients click on them on a large scale.


This implies you really want countless dynamic,

normal clients who are locked in with your application consistently to create a gain.

On the other hand,

if your application looks extremely engaging and just costs a dollar or somewhere in the vicinity,

you’ll observe you can captivate individuals to make a great deal of drive downloads.

The mass
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automate now

Get 50 downloads a day and you’re procuring a fair sum extra and recollect this can be across an enormous number of applications!

So ones you get your first successful app you can copy it on a other topic and scales your gains!

Therefore you don’t need to find the new unicorn,

so instead seek for working products and try use what works for them!

On the other hand do not copy paste there product but use what works and use the same structure !

So its not easy and success will only come after sum failures!

The key is :
  • Just do it.

So do not wait to create till you die, most people never take action

  • analyse
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So analyse your work learn from your faults

  • update and try again

Therefore now that you analyse you need to update your work

  • Repeat till you win

So never give up and learn from others! Don’t be a perfectionist just do it.

Therefore its a lot of work but the result will be word your time!

No gurus at sakkemoto.com only people that learn new skills and apply to create more freedom!

Money is only a tool to Freedom in this world.

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