How to get Snapchat traffic!

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get quality income

How to get Snapchat traffic?

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How to get Snapchat traffic ? Video training!

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How to get Snapchat traffic ? Video training! ways to financial freedom!
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How to get Snapchat traffic ? Video training! ways to financial freedom!
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How to get Snapchat traffic ? Video training! ways to financial freedom!

How to get Snapchat traffic

Information from wikipedia see here

Therefore May 2012, 25 Snapchat images were being sent per second and, as of November 2012,

so users had shared over one billion photos on the Snapchat iOS app,

but with 20 million photos being shared per day.

 So that same month,

but Spiegel was cited problems with user base scalability 

as the reason why Snapchat was experiencing some difficulties delivering its images, known as “snaps”, in real time.

Snapchat was released as an Android app on October 29, 2012.[22]

In June 2013, Snapchat version 5.0, dubbed “Banquo“, was released for iOS.

Therefore updated version introduced several speed and design enhancements,

so including swipe navigation, double-tap to reply, an improved friend finder, and in-app profiles.

 But the name is a reference to the ghostly hero from Shakespeare’s Macbeth,

so a character in the play who is ultimately seen to be victorious over evil.

 Also in June 2013, Snapchat introduced Snapkidz for users under 13 years of age.

Snapkidz was part of the original Snapchat application and was activated when the user provided a date of birth to verify his/her age.

Snapkidz was allowed children to take snaps and draw on them,

but they could not send snaps to other users and could only save snaps locally on the device being used.[26]

So according to Snapchat’s published statistics,

Therefore of May 2015, the app’s users were sending 2 billion videos per day, reaching 6 billion by November.

But by 2016, Snapchat had hit 10 billion daily video views.

But In May 2016, Snapchat raised $1.81 billion in equity offering, suggesting strong investor interest in the company.

 So By May 31, 2016, the app had almost 10 million daily active users in the United Kingdom.

 In February 2017, Snapchat had 160 million daily active users,[31][32] growing to 166 million in May.[33][34]

Therefore Investel Capital Corp., a Canadian company, sued Snapchat for infringement on its geofiltering patent in 2016.

But they were seeking “monetary compensation

so and an order that would prohibit California-based Snapchat from infringing on its patent in the future.”[37]

Snapchat Spectacles Vending Machine at SXSW 2017, Austin, Texas

How to get Snapchat traffic

So in September 2016, Snapchat Inc. was renamed Snap Inc.

 But to coincide with the introduction of the company’s first hardware product,

so Spectaclessmartglasses with a built-in camera that can record 10 seconds of video at a time.

So on February 20, 2017, Spectacles became available for purchase online.[39]

therefore snapchat announced a redesign in November 2017,which proved controversial with many of its followers.

Therefore CNBC‘s was Ingrid Angulo listed some of the reasons why many disliked the update,

so citing that sending a snap and re-watching stories was more complicated,

so stories and incoming snaps were now listed on the same page,

but that the Discover page now included featured and sponsored content.

February 2018

So a tweet sent by Kylie Jenner in February 2018,

but which criticized the redesign of the Snapchat app,[reportedly caused Snap Inc. 

to lose more than $1.3 billion in market value.

But over 1.2 million people signed a petition asking the company to remove the new app update.[

But In December 2019, App Annie announced Snapchat to be the 5th most downloaded mobile app of the decade.

Therefore data includes figures for iOS downloads starting from 2010 and Android downloads starting from 2012.

But Snapchat acquired AI Factory, a computer vision startup, in January 2020 to give a boost to its video capabilities.[47]

So In November 2020,

Snapchat announced it would pay a total of $1 million a day to users who post viral videos.

so the company has not stated the criteria for a video to be considered

viral or how many people the payout would be split between.

Is been the promotion, called Snapchat Spotlight,

so is intended to run until the end of the year,

but although the company indicated it will continue if it’s successful.

In June 2022, Snapchat announced plans to launch Snapchat Plus, a paid subscription model.

So the subscription will give users early access to features,

but the ability to change the app icon and see which users rewatch their stories.[49]

How to get Snapchat traffic

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