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Just all things considered… I will just share what’s functioning RIGHT NOW.

At the point when I go over the more seasoned strategies

I will discuss how well they work RIGHT NOW and how I’m utilizing them TODAY.

What I will impart to you isn’t only the strategies them-selves,

yet some I will bring up to you and disclose to you which ones have constructed me the most endorsers,

for instance, and which ones are working the awesome me at this moment.

I don’t need you to view at this as though it’s a composed report,

I need you to view at maybe it’s extraordinary information and data since it doesn’t

make any difference in case it’s composed on a napkin.

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So it doesn’t make any difference in case it’s on sound.

If it doesn’t make any difference in case it’s on record.

It doesn’t make any difference in case it’s in a PDF.

But It doesn’t make any difference in case somebody is instructing it to you one-on-one via telephone or

one-on-one through an online class or through bunch mentoring;

it’s all data, and this incredible data is the most remarkable data that I’ve at any point run over on the web.

Rundown building has been the way in to my prosperity throughout the long term and I have a many individuals to thank for that,

yet I generally need to say thanks to myself since I’ve made a special effort to investigate these domains of rundown building.

The principal thing you need to know is that business and making deals relies upon new lead stream.

What I mean is you need steady leads coming in.

In case I were you, I would begin meaning to produce something like 250 endorsers each day.

You may be thinking, that is a ton of endorsers, or it will be excessively costly.

All things considered, there are extraordinary paid lead sources;

there are likewise generally excellent free ones that you can use to develop your rundown to produce at least 250 supporters each day.

hit 250 supporters

When you hit 250 supporters each day or more, then,

at that point it’s every one of the an issue of zeroing in on changing over them and afterward

doing the rundown building stuff you’re doing again and again and over and getting similar outcomes constantly.

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Changing over them is something else and this report won’t be anything

at all about changing over leads into deals, everything’s about gener-ating lead stream.

As I was advising you,

I feel compelled to pressure this as much as possible that the heft of your cash that you make will come from individuals who are the most up to date on your rundown.


The more established a lead gets, the less responsive they become, by and large, particularly in case you’re an affiliate.

Presently in case you’re an item maker and you do classes and such,

you might track down that a portion of your more established endorsers are the most beneficial supporters

you have on the grounds that they’re your own clients who take a crack at all of your classes;

the entirety of your $1,000 classes and so forth.

As an affiliate, it’s different; you don’t have that maintenance.

See when you’re an item maker,

it’s simpler to keep the maintenance of your rundown, for reasons unknown.


I’ve observed this to be valid and that is one reason why I’m

beginning to make an ever increasing number of items now,

albeit throughout the long term I’ve been for the most part an affiliate.

In case you are only an affiliate, once more,

your typical center ought to be new leads and keeping your leads coming in consistently.

That is somewhere around 250 leads per day.

In case you’re an item maker,

you may not require as high of a lead stream, however why not do both?

Why not be a maker that continues to correct the rundown and furthermore produce 250 supporters or more to your rundown?

How about we feel free to get into this since I have tons and huge loads of rundown building techniques and systems to cover for you now.

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A giveaway is the place where a gathering of benefactors meet up and present their gifts.

Individuals who come and join the giveaway as individuals

will pick in to different giveaways and this will add supporters of your rundown.

In case you’ve been around for some time, you no question know what JV giveaways are,

and I’m not going to harp on what JV giveaways are or how they can construct great business for you since you can go to a spot like

and discover all you need to think about giveaways unreservedly on the net.

list builder 40k simply

However, simply the way that I’m pointing you toward that path is quite important since,

supposing that you’re simply beginning and you have no cash to spend on advertisements,

getting giveaways is a great method to begin,

since you can add that initial 10, 50, 100 supporters on your rundown decently fast.

A portion of these giveaways get up to 30,000 supporters joining; not to your rundown, but rather to the genuine giveaway.

What happens is the host of the giveaway will get the most endorsers.

They’re putting the giveaway with every one of the benefactors and setting the dates,

and afterward once the giveaway is live,

every one of the supporters send traffic to the JV giveaway fundamental page,

yet the host will get every one of the endorsers onto their rundown.


at that point the part who just joined will most likely see a one-time offer or some sort of offer before they take a brief trip and see all the different gifts that that donors have.

So when you’re a supporter and you advance one of these JV giveaways through your own connection,

you frequently make deals not too far off before they even get to the gifts.

My point is in case you’re simply beginning and you don’t have a lot of the means to purchase traffic,

THAT’S one thing about it
list builder 40k

then, at that point this might be one that you need to dominate.

Truly, on the off chance that you turned out to be only an expert of one of these techniques,

you’ll produce every one of the advertisements you’ll at any point need.

LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN list building

If you become the master of just one of these methods I’m going to share with you then you will generate all the leads you’ll ever need.


You can do public ones, you can do private ones, and you can host ones and make the real money.

I’ve hosted a couple and that’s where I generated the most leads. You could generate 10,000 leads in one day, 20,000 leads in one

day from contributors blasting traffic to your own giveaway.


If you were to jump headfirst into the world of JV giveaways as a contributor to start off with,

then one day you may be able to host your own JV giveaways.

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The next list building tactic I want to talk about is solo ads. When I’m actively running solo ads, I’m usually able to

generate hundreds of leads per day right now, this year. This may change down the road, but as of right now, this year,

solo ads are cheap,

they’re effective and very easy because you don’t have to worry about landing page quality score or paying per click and keeping an eye on your ads ad paying by the click.

What you’re getting is an ad that goes out to a subscriber list, so whenever you buy a solo ad;

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let’s say you buy a solo ad for $300 for 1,000 clicks to your site,

you pay 30 cents per click to your site and you know exactly how many clicks are going to come to your site and the guy who sends you a solo ad sends an ad out to his email list, which recommends your freebie or your website.

So they’re transferring their authority over to you, in a way,

that’s what makes it the most effective way of generating traffic right now, in my opinion.

Because the ads are still cheap, it’s very effective for anybody who has the money to risk on it.

One place you can find a lot of great solo ad deals is by getting on Skype and talking to different solo ad sellers.

list builder 40k connecting

I realize it’s not going to be easy just to find a solo ad seller,

or any solo ad sellers if you have no clue about the world of solo ads right now,

but once you find some solo ad sellers,

you want to start connecting with them on Skype and getting into the world of solo ads because you can meet so many different solo ad sellers who will give you great deals on Skype that they don’t give outside of Skype.

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You can find solo ads at one place called That’s where I would go if I were going to go and look for solo ads right now.

The key to have profitable solo ads is your sales funnel.

You want to have the squeeze page that generates the free leads that gives away something.

Then you have an upsell from there,

which will be a one-time offer for something that’s below the $17 price point and then you want to have up sells from there so you can afford to pay for your solo ads.

Now you may also want to promote things on the download page for your freebies that you’re giving away.


That way you can come close to breaking even or you can profit directly right away from that solo ad before you even get the subscribers on your list.

Although many solo ads I haven’t profited from right up front,

I made a profit on the back end from promoting strictly to the subscriber list.

That’s something you have to think about.

A lot of companies in advertising are willing to pay a lot of money upfront and even lose money on the front end because they know they’re going to make money on the back end with their follow up marketing,

which is what email marketing is all about.


So we should continue on to advertisement trades.

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Advertisement trades are the place where you convey an advertisement to your rundown advancing another person’s press page and afterward somebody

else does likewise for you to their rundown.

So it’s like independent promotions with the exception of nobody is purchasing anything; you’re simply exchanging off advertisements.

Where everyone has moved to these days is called

There used to be a site called, which resembled an advertisement trade gatherings.

There are different discussions that sort of arose over the most recent couple of years and they’ve practically dialed back on account of

The thing about advertisement trades is that it is getting less effective on the grounds that seeing that it arose around 2009, that is when everybody was finding promotion trades and beginning to do it.


Presently individuals are over-mailing their rundowns with advertisement trades.

They’re doing much more promotion trades so they’re getting less reactions from the endorsers.

Consistency standards are going down, click-through rates are going down,

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in any case, on the off chance that you actually need to produce hundred’s of leads each day,

you actually can do that.

The way to benefitting from promotion trades is a similar key to benefitting with solo advertisements,

which is your business pipe.

So in the event that you have a decent deals pipe, you can utilize it for your advertisement trades.

Additionally, advertisement trades are an extraordinary method to test your business channel before you begin purchasing something like independent promotions.

You’re most likely going to get less quality leads from advertisement trades than you are solo promotions,

yet it’s as yet a decent sign of whether your business pipe will change over traffic into deals,

and that is the thing that’s important to benefit with promotion trades,

since you’re not elevating whatever will bring in cash straightforwardly to your rundown;

you’re advancing another person’s crush page,

so you’re depending on the traffic coming from the JV accomplice’s rundown to your business pipe.

list builder 40k
superme share 16435711.png 1
superme share 16435711.png 1

Contingent upon your business pipe,

you can do promotion trades each and every day assuming you need to,

become the expert of advertisement trades and simply change your business channel and have excellent business there.

You would prefer not to overcomplicate showcasing.

This sort of reasoning is truly beneficial if you would get very engaged.

Contemplate how basic this business is here.

So you set up a business channel.

You do advertisement trades each day.

But you test your business pipe each day until you’re changing over the most extreme measure of guests who land on your page.

That in itself is a business regardless anybody says.

So that is the thing that I attempt to do in my business… Rearrange.

I have a day by day schedule that I attempt to rearrange down increasingly more consistently until that is simply cerebrum dead moronic,

and of late, it has been solo promotions since I’ve discovered that I’m getting the best profits from solo advertisements.

However, on the off chance that I didn’t have any cash,

I would begin off with JV giveaways just to produce 100 endorsers or somewhere in the vicinity,

then, at that point I would move to and I would begin promotion trading.

That is the thing that I would do on the off chance that I didn’t have any cash.

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Now let’s get into another method,

which is something I’ve been doing since 2008 or so, which is running free WSO’s.

I’m talking about freebies that I give away on the Warrior Forum,

which is and WSO stands for Warrior Special Offers.

So I will give away products on the Warrior Special Offers forum in exchange for opt-ins.

One thing that I’ve noticed between the Warrior Forum and the leads you may get from ad swaps,

click banking, and solo ads is that Warrior Forum traffic is used to buying lower priced products.

So your funnel may be a lot different for free WSO’s than it will be with ad swaps, click banking, or solo ads.

For one of my funnels they get a freebie on the squeeze page, then the OTO after that is a $10 offer,

then the OTO after that is another $10 offer.

So you can see I’m keeping it at $10 or less because I know they buy $10 or less things,

whereas with ad swaps, click banking, and solo ads I’ll have a freebie,

a $9 offer, then to a $97 OTO and then it will go up from there.

Good luck trying to sell a $97 to Warrior Forum members because

it’s not going to happen, unless you have a done-for-you service or something that’s worth 25x $97 price points.

It’s just a different world there, but the good thing about running free WSO’s is that’s a business in itself,

if you want it to be because you can run free WSO’s and then you can promote WSO’s as an affil-iate to promote programs like offers through WSO Pro,

which is at or or

So you know how I was talking about in one of the other sections how you can make a business just by focusing on one thing?

list builder 40k for you

Well this is a business for you too.

Think about this.

This is all you need to do is to run free WSO’s.

You can have six or seven free WSO’s for six or seven different freebies that you create and you can rotate those once a day so that you’re launching a new WSO a day,

but it’s giving away one of your six or seven freebies.

You can generate your list like that and your sales funnel will get you close to breaking even or making a profit right away on the front end,

then on the back end you can promote WSO’s as an affiliate to your list you’ve built.

I’ve been known to have multiple free WSO’s that I rotate on a daily basis and I’ve done that model before.

You see… I get bored with certain things in marketing and then I try different models.

I just simplify things and just go at them with a very narrow focus.

Right now I might be buying a lot of solo ads and doing what I described in the Solo Ads section, but just months ago, I was buying a lot of free WSO’s and trying to get as many leads as I could with that

and just promoting WSO’s every day and making plenty of money.

So once you get that narrow focus and simplify everything,

every-thing becomes clear and you can make a lot of money just focusing on that.

15 ways to list building apply and get earnings! email marketing and safelists! ways to financial freedom!

Another way to generate hundreds of leads per day is through something called Pay Per View or Cost Per View advertising.

I have a friend who does around 1,000 leads a day.

I’ve only generated 25 leads or so per day with it, but the thing is, is that it’s on autopilot.

So you can go to a site like and you can buy cost per view or pay per view advertising.

It’s a little different from other types of advertising in that you’re paying per view of your page, you’re not paying per click on an ad.

It’s actually more like a pop up,

so you’re paying for these ads to pop up on people’s sites, and it’s run through software, so it’s different than someone, say going to Google and seeing pay per click ads.

list builder 40k url

You can advertise on any URL on the internet as long as the user has the software installed on their computer.

So this allows you to bid on different URL’s online.

Now can’t you see how this could be popular and profitable? Because you could bid on your competitor’s URL’s.

You could bid on so many different URL’s it’s not even funny.

You could bid on PPC URL’s even.

So for people who are spending gobs and gobs of money on PPC,

you can take those URL’s that they’re using for their landing pages, plug it into lead impact and then be bidding for ad space for those URL’s through the software.

One place to learn more about PPV and CPV is

list builder 40k generator

It can be a nice little lead flow generator that’s different from the other lead flow sources you might be generating leads from right now.

What you need to know about also is you can generate tons and tons of traffic for a lot less money,

but the traffic won’t be as respon-sive because they didn’t click thru to your ad.

Because they didn’t click through to your ad it’s kind of like an annoying pop up that comes in their face but it’s all legal and they know they’re getting pop ups in exchange for using the software that they’re using.

It’s an agreement they made before downloading the software that they’re using on their computer.

Say a company, like, let’s say they say,

“You can use this software,

which has huge value in exchange for being able to run an ad on your computer 5 times per day.”

So instead of charging for the software each month,

they get the software for free, but they have to see ads and this is where your ads can get in front of their face.

You can get in front of millions of people for .017 cents each time your ad is shown;

that’s a fraction of a penny.

But like I said,

with other forms of advertising you may get a high opt-in rate on your squeeze page such as 10% and on some ad sources, 10% is very good.

On some ad sources, 10% is horrible.

On some ad sources, like solo ads, for example 30% is very good,

depending on whether they actually send your solo ad or not because 60% may be considered good on there, as well.

But with PPV advertising, we’re talking 1-2% could be good, just depending on how much money you’re spending,

how much money you’re making up front and how much money you’re making on the back end.

But because you can get traffic so cheap,

it doesn’t mean that the traffic is created equal to other advertising sources.

Because they haven’t clicked through any targeted advertising,

the traffic responsiveness will be lower as far as opting into your squeeze page goes.

The point is… all that matters is your ROI,

not your opt-in rate… because your opt-in rate is always going to be different depending on where your traffic is coming from.

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Let’s move on to bartering for leads.

Bartering for leads is a really great way to generate the highest quality leads you can generate besides having your

own product and having an affiliate program.

In actuality, it is almost the same or identical to that, except for you are NOT selling your own product.


What you want to do is go to a marketer who does product launches, who is bigger than you online.

They don’t have to be huge; you could just go to someone who does WSO’s, for example.

If you go to someone who does WSO’s often, you can say this,

“I’ll do customer service for your launch,” or “I’ll write the sales page for your launch,” or “I’ll create bonuses for your launch,” or “I’ll help create the products for your launch,

-” or “I’ll help create buzz using social media for your launch,

” or “I’ll help get JV’s on board for your launch” or, “I’ll do (something) for your launch in exchange for leads.”

list builder 40k asking

SO YOU’RE NOT ASKING for money, you’re asking for leads.

You’re not asking for them export leads to you;

we’re talking about just placing some kind of bonus on yours on their download page that customers have to opt-in for, which you get the lead for.

For example, this one time I did one of these bartering for leads deals with a top marketer,

and for his bonuses on his actual sales page, I advertised my bonuses that they’re going to have to opt-in for.

So on the download page there was a link to my squeeze page,

which allowed them to opt-in to download the bonuses.

On the page after the squeeze page was the download page for the bonuses.

I didn’t send them through any kind of sales funnel,

but the thing is, you get a list of red-hot buyers when you do this.

I’m talking about scorching hot buyers.

THAT FIRST WEEK of having that list you want to promote your highest converting thing,

do a webinar or do something that you made money within the past because this is the time to sell them while they’re the hottest and they’re buyers

(you have gained trust by them listening or watching your bonus,

depending on what the product is, so they will be responsive).

Actually, the way I came up with the bonus for these kinds of launches is I would just use private label rights.

So I use private label rights material that was a video course that I didn’t even record,

but I had rights to give away as a bonus to a paid product.

So that’s something to think about.

ONE OF MY best tactics was solo ads, one was ad swaps, and at one point click banking.

I did click banking on a big scale.

list builder 40k leads

Bartering for leads was a huge, huge tactic that I’ve done before. It’s not a current phase I’m going through but it works like a charm.

It’s not going anywhere.

It will always be effective.

It’s a very simple tactic where you barter your skills with a product launcher who adds your bonus to their download page and the customers have to opt-in for it.

It’s not like relying on Google for leads because they can slap that away somehow for you.

And it’s not getting less effective like ad swaps are for example.


Another way to generate red-hot quality leads is by having your own affiliate program.

Now I’m going to tell you that I’ve mainly generated leads through using Rapid Action Profits.

I know that a lot of people in recent days have moved on to other scripts,

such as, WSO Pro or or, but I like trusty old Rapid Action Profits.

It may cost $197, whereas I bought it for something like $297.

It’s always being updated so it’s not out of date with technology or anything,

but the reason why I like Rapid Action Profits over any other is two-fold.

For one, I only have to pay a fee one time to use it.

So I pay my $197 for the script and I use it over and over and over.

A lot of these other sites, you may not have an upfront fee,

but they take out fees for every sale you make so you end up paying a lot more than you would pay with that one-time fee to

Or there may be, like with WSO Pro, you have to pay a fee every time you want to start a WSO with.

I’d rather have a script like Rapid Action Profits so I can use it over and over and over.

This is just my personal opinion and preference.

Also, I think there is a lot of wisdom in what I’m about to tell you with Rapid Action Profits vs. the other solutions.

list builder 40k solutions

The other solutions are like affiliate networks, so when you’re recruiting affiliates to actually promote your product,

they may end up promoting someone else’s product,

but with Rapid Action Profits, you have complete control over the situation.

So once you show people your affiliate program, there’s only an option to promote you.

Therefore, whenever I launch a product on Rapid Action Prod-ucts,

the bottom of the screen I have a link that says, “Affiliates make 100% commissions.”

They click there and then they sign up for my affiliate program through Rapid Action Profits.

They can now get their link and they can then sell the product.

If I use the other programs, and I have a link at the bottom that says,

“Sign up here to promote my product,” and then they go to some affiliate network,

they’ll probably end up promoting some other product that they find.

They maybe will get lost trying in the sea of products trying to find mine; they give up and not promote any product at all.

The best kind of affiliate program that attracts affiliates is to have an instant PayPal commission affiliate program like the ones I’ve been talking about.

You can also use something like ClickBank, but you can’t give away 100% commissions from ClickBank.

With these other programs, you can give away 100% commissions,

which is really attractive on the front end to affiliates,

and then you can give 50% commission on the one-time offer, for example.

You’re making money off sales, but you are attracting affiliates that you don’t have to ethically bride much to promote for you.

If you’re giving away 100% commissions, in my mind, you’re not

going to owe any other affiliates back for promoting you because you gave away 100% commissions.

Those leads that you get right away are going to be red-hot leads.


Another way to add about 10% opt-in rate to any website you have is by adding an exit pop up script.

You’ve probably seen these and they’re pretty annoying.

a hand checking yes on a checklist,  list builder 40k
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You can get one at

What it will be is when someone tries to leave the page, a pop up will come up that says,

“Here’s a quick chance to get this freebie,” or whatever ad you want there.

This can add 10% more opt-in rate to your page or to any website you send traffic to.

Actually, depending on how aggressive you want to be,

you can have multiple exit pop ups that lead to different squeeze pages.

What I’ve noticed is in the past, doing a very aggressive launch with a marketer and bartering leads,

what I’ve decided to do with him because he wanted to go balls-to-the-wall,

list builder 40k I decided that it would probably be most profitable to do a squeeze page for one offer that pops up once.

If they don’t take that offer, have a squeeze page that pops up for another offer.

If they don’t take that offer then another squeeze will pop up for another offer.

So it will be three squeeze pages popping up in a row for different offers.

You will be surprised at how many leads that added onto the product launchers list.

Just think about this, the first squeeze page pops up and they get 10% opt-in rate on that; they’ve just got 10% of the traffic to sign up on their list.

But if they don’t take that,

list builder 40k and another one pops up and they get 7% on that, well that’s an extra 7% tacked on.

If they don’t take that one though, and they see the third squeeze page up,

then maybe 5% tops into that list and all together you’ve got what,

22% of the people getting on your sales page or site opting into your list.

That’s almost as good as a decent converting squeeze page.

I’ll take 22% from a lot of different ad sources depending on the source.

But I will tell you this,

that I believe exit pop ups are getting less effective over time because they’ve been used so much.

It’s similar to “ad blindness.”

What will likely happen is that people will stop using exit pop ups and then wait a little while and then they will start using them again and they will be just as effective as they were before.

That’s my prediction and that happens to a lot of things where trends and tactics come and go.

Tactics will be working well,

then they stop working as well as they are and everyone stops using them and then someone starts using them again and talking about how profitable it is to use it and then everyone all of a sudden is using it again.

15 ways to list building apply and get earnings! email marketing and safelists! ways to financial freedom!

Another way to generate about 10% of your website traffic to your list on a sales page is using a reverse opt-in form.

This is where someone clicks on the “Add to Cart” button or an

“Order Now” button and then you have a page between your sales page and your order form.

That page in between will be a Step 1 of 2 order confirmation form.

So at the top is will say, “Step 1 of 2 Order Confirmation list builder 40k,

” then they’ll have to put in their email address to continue.

This is a Reverse Opt-in Page.

You want to grab the email address here so that everybody who buys your product,

you already have then on your list.

Also, the people who chicken out on your product,

you’ll have them on your list and they’re also very high quality subscribers to have on your list that almost buy; for some reason they are.

So you might find that the majority of people who actually opt in to that form won’t even order,

but you’ll end up generating a lot more subscribers from your sales page by doing that.

So you can see how all these leads will add up if you’re promoting to a squeeze page or a sales page.

You will see how all these leads add up by promoting to a sales page by using all the factors we’re talking about here.

Because if you’re getting 22% opt in rates from doing exit pop ups and you’re getting 10% from doing reverse opt in forms,

then you are generating an extra 33% of people to your subscriber list during a launch.

That’s something to think about because when you have all these affiliates hammering your page,

a lot of their traffic might not want to buy the product that you have,

but there will be people who buy products that you may be able to sell something else to later on as an affiliate or as your own product.

list builder 40k
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The next tactic I want to talk about is buying ad space directly from webmasters.

This can be done as easily as going to different webmas-ters who have,

say forums in your market, and asking how much it would cost to run an ad on the top of their page.

First of all you’re going to them and ask,

“How much is your AdSense ad making you on a daily basis?”

Chances are you’re going to have more money to spend than they’re making on this ad from AdSense.

So say they say, “Well I’m generating 200 people to my site every day,

but I’m only making $3.00 in AdSense per day.”

Well, if you had an ad that has a 10% click thru rate,

then you can generate those people to your page for the same amount of money or more,

so tell them that you want to take a test run on their page by advertising their ad in place of their Google ad.

You can pay them by PayPal and with a deal like this,

“Will you run this ad one day and we’ll see how much money I make,

” and you’ll give them $5 instead of the $3.00 he makes from AdSense, for example.

Then you see what happens when you run your ad on their site for that day and see how many opt ins you get,

how much in sales in commissions you make from your sales funnel,

and this will deter-mine whether it’s profitable or not.

If it’s profitable then you can say,

“Well I would like to rent that ad space from you on a monthly basis,

for the rest of this month for x amount of dollars,

” or whatever is equivalent to $5.00 a day, or what-ever you’re testing.

If you go to some real busy forum of list builder 40k, for example,

and you do the same thing – and if we’re talking about bigger numbers here, maybe you will do a $50 test run for one day.

You measure the results and see what happens and if it works out well,

then what you need to do is just tell them that you want to run an ad that month for x amount of dollars.

And that’s traffic you don’t have to touch.

That’s just autopilot traffic hitting your page.

You can run it on a weekly basis or anything that you can afford,

but the point is these webmasters want to make more money on their sites because they’re probably not making as much as you can give them using the advertising that they’re running.

They’re making piss poor profits from AdSense, for example.

Actually, in the internet marketing space,

has an option to run an ad at the top of the forum for $100 a day,

and they run something like eight different spaces on there a day and yours would rotate with eight different advertisers.

That’s a good way to test something in the internet marketing niche.

If you want to test an ad out and see how internet marketers would respond before you go and promote something on internet marketing,

then use the tactic of contacting vendors and webmasters directly and you could run a $100 ad and see what happens.

Chances are you could get at least $100 clicks of traffic, or you may get 50 to 100 opt-ins.

So you may get one sale at $100 that makes you break even.

You never know.

But you never know until you try,

but what I like about this media buying approach is that it’s very easy traffic that you don’t have to work toward, you just have to monitor your metrics.

15 ways to list building apply and get earnings! email marketing and safelists! ways to financial freedom!
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Here’s a tactic for generating a lot of leads from a blog.

I actually built my first list of 1,000 subscribers this way in the guitar niche before I even got into the internet marketing niche.

It’s so easy.

You take a blog and maybe your blog is generating 100,

list builder 40k 200, 300 visitors per day because you’re cranking content out on a daily basis.

Even if you don’t try to target certain keywords on your site,

it’s pretty easy to start generating 200 to 300 visitors per day just by cranking out content and ranking it for long tail search terms without even trying to,

and actually only doing it.

So what you do is, you take your squeeze page in your niche,

and you nest it at the top and center of that blog.

So before they actually see the blog site at the top of the page,

they should see your squeeze page as it is.

You can nest it up there using an image and an opt in box, if you want.

That’s if you don’t want the test of the squeeze page to interfere with any other on page SEO that’s happening.

You’ll be surprised at the opt-in rate you can get from that.


Let’s say your site isn’t really an interactive site as much as you want it to be;

it’s really difficult to get a site with a lot of interactivity.

Maybe your site just has a lot of traffic coming to it and doesn’t really have people interacting,

so it doesn’t really matter if you put your squeeze page up there or not.

list builder 40k ways

One of the best ways to generate leads form a blog is to nest a squeeze page front and center.

Another way is by using Robert Plank’s WordPress Plug-Ins.

One is called Action Opt-In.

This is where you can put an opt-in bar on your side bar that you go opt-in to.

Once they opt-in to it, the form will disappear and say,

“Thanks for subscribing,” and keep the people on the blog they’re on.

One is Action Pop-Up,

which is a fade in window that fades into your site and asks for the opt-in there in exchange for a freebie or whatever you’re offering.

The other is Action Comments, which is where if someone comments on your blog,

they check a check box and it automatically subscribes them to your list.

You can get all three,

I believe, in one purchase from Robert Plank if you go to or search on Google for Action Opt-In and you’ll probably find it.

He’s always updating that.

list building get the 15 secrets now; Just all things considered… I will just share what's functioning RIGHT NOW.

Another way to generate leads virally is by using a Tell-A-Friend script.

I think you have to be careful not to let others abuse your Tell-A-Friend script because they can go spamming the Internet with it,

but I think the best practice for using a Tell-A-Friend script is to have one on your download page for your freebie that you just giveaway.

It will say,

“I’ll give you this extra bonus if you tell 5 friends about this,” or “10 friends about this.”


there will be a little form that they fill out and they’ll type in five different email addresses, for example,

of their friends and when they hit submit it will send out a message to all their friends from them,

which tells them to go and check out your squeeze page basically.

It’s really good traffic because they’re endorsing you, in a way.

They are friends of friends recommending you to other friends to your site,

which is better than running an ad on some site where no one knows you, no authority is being transferred to you,

or not trust is being transferred to you.

So you may be able to get really good leads by doing so.

list builder 40k Mike

Mike Filsaime, has a Tell-A-Friend script and there are other ones out there on the market that you can search for in Google by searching for Tell-A-Friend script.


I have a feeling those will also be on the rise in the future.

Those are one of those tactics that were used a lot years ago and you don’t see them as much anymore,

but I think that they will emerge again, especially when people start using them in a way that makes the person who’s sending out the Tell-A-Friend script use their own email server to mail out the Tell-A-Friend invitation,

that way they can avoid spam troubles altogether.

But the worse way to use a Tell-A-Friend script is if you’re telling people to send out one of their affiliate links

and they’re an affiliate for you because then they may spam your site a lot because they’re trying to make money.

They may get excited,

they might be spammers, or they might just get a little too excited and start sending it out to everybody and everyone they can find,

thinking they’re going to make a million dollars overnight.

White women sitting on a sofa in a living room
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The next way I want to talk about generating leads is using integrated cross-promotions.

I think Mark Joyner coined the term integrated


Well integrated cross-promotions are different kinds of cross promos that you have with your joint venture partners other than ad swaps,

click banking, or anything like JV giveaways.

These are different because these are integrated into your marketing on autopilot,

so you to think about the different parts of your marketing systems that you can integrate some kind of joint venture link to.

For example, on your download page,

you might have a banner that leads to one of your JV partner’s squeeze pages and they have the same for you on their download page.

That would be an example of an integrated cross- promotion.

So instead of monetizing that part of your download page with an offer,

what you’ll do is do an integrated cross-promotion with one of your joint venture partners.

Another way is to cross promote your joint venture partner in your follow up series.

list builder 40k follow!

So in your email follow up series,

maybe your fifth email in the follow up series will promote their squeeze page and their fifth email in their follow up series will promote your squeeze page.

Another way is through P.S.’s of your emails that you send out. So when you’re sending out an email to your list, you can make a

deal with one of your joint venture partners to always promote their squeeze page in their P.S. and they have to do the same for you.

That’s one way to do it.

Think about the power of integrated cross-promotion.

You’re generating subscribers on autopilot by doing this.

You can add tons per day to your list or more,

all on autopilot,

by doing this a set of joint venture partners or with just one, but just think about this;

let’s say you have 10 joint venture partners and you’re going to do integrated joint venture cross-promotions with your follow up series of emails.

Say all 10 of you in all 10 of your first follow up series emails, you all promote each other,

well visitors would be flying all over the place and going onto your list if you do that.

list building get the 15 secrets now; Just all things considered… I will just share what's functioning RIGHT NOW.

The next tactic I want to talk about is using viral PDF reports.

So let’s say you write a little report that can be 2 to 5 pages long,

as long as it’s rock solid content;

it’s going to be for a free report anyway,

and you create a PDF report out of it. Well, inside the PDF report, you want to say that this is free to distribute.

Also inside of your PDF report,

you want to have a link at the end that leads to your squeeze page or an entire ad that leads to your squeeze page.


What I’ve found in the past is that other people started using my reports to build their lists with.

So they would actually give my l reports away to their squeeze pages and I would generate those subscribers under my list,

the ones who actually read the report and then clicked thru at the end.

The ones who read the reports and clicked through to the end and discovered you that way,

end up being some of the highest quality leads you’ll get because they’ve just read one of your reports,

and they clicked through at the end to get your freebie, and you’ve got them on your list.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can go to OpenOffice online.

list builder 40k google

You can just type into Google, “OpenOffice” and download Open-Office Writer.

You’re going to open up OpenOffice Writer and write your report.

It’s kind of like Microsoft Word.

Then you’re going to click “File” and export as a PDF.

Once you do that, you have a PDF that you can give away, and you have clickable links inside the PDF and that will become your viral report.

It’s a little different than rebrandable reports list builder 40k.

If you have your own affiliate program,

you can give affiliates a way to give cool content to their list and to promote you at the same time by offering a viral brand able re-writable report.

This is a little bit different,

a little more simplistic, and if you give enough of these reports away that are viral reports,

you may see them circulating all over the place and generating leads from all over the internet.


list builder 40k

pile of coins  with a clack on the back ground
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The last thing I want to tell you about list building is using affiliate list cross-promotions.

list builder 40k This is very simple.

Let’s say you have your own offer on Rapid Action Profits and you’ve built an affiliate list,

which is just a list of affiliates who promote your profits.

list builder 40k product

Well, what you do is you go to other product owners who have affiliate lists and you say,


“I will tell my affiliate list about your affiliate program if you do the same for yours.”

You might pick up some really good affiliates like that.

They might pick up a few and once you pick up affiliates,

that means more traffic heading into your paid offer,

which means more people on your list of high quality.

This is one of those tactics that kind of make you want to slap yourself in the head.

So now work step by step and build your empire, hey you will need to work S.M.A.R.T smart and keep learning new skills. list builder 40k

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