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What is YouLikeHits?

social media tools YouLikeHits is a free online entertainment catalog network which assists you with becoming your informal communication presence.

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With YouLikeHits you will get more openness on the interpersonal organizations you use!

Beginning with YouLikeHits is exceptionally basic and totally free.

You will simply have to enter a genuine email address in the Information exchange structure on the first page to accept your affirmation email.

When affirmed you can begin utilizing YouLikeHits and you will get free focuses to begin with the long-range interpersonal communication instrument that will assist you with getting more Twitter Supporters,

Facebook Preferences, Digg Devotees, YouTube Perspectives and Site Hits!

Social media tools how to get started:

After signing up and logging in the next steps are:

Step 1: Add Your Profiles and Sites

To add your profiles and sites simply click on the “Add/Edit Sites” link at the top navigation bar and then choose which type of site you’d like to add.

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Once added you will decide how many points you would like to reward users who interact with your content.

For example, if you set your Payout to 10 on your website then you will be offering 10 points for each user who visits your site!

The more points you offer the higher your content will be listed in our directories which increases the likelihood that someone will check out your site.

YouLikeHits deducts 1 point from each transaction.

So, for example if your Payout is set to 10 then someone will receive 9 points for interacting with your site, but you will be charged 10 Points.

Step 2: Earn Points
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can earn points in several different ways.

You can get 50 Points just for joining!

So can get free points by liking/following/viewing/subscribing/listening to other users’ sites.

Only interact with sites that you find interesting.

You can receive 300 daily bonus points by staying active on YouLikeHits.

You can earn 500 Points for each user who you refer to YouLikeHits.

Use your Referral Link when telling your friends about the site!

You can buy Points and save yourself some time!

Step 3: Watch

Once you’ve earned Points and have your sites added with their Payout set then you will start seeing users interacting with your sites.

You can check your “Activity” page to see all activity as it happens. You can change your Payout or add/edit your sites whenever you like.

The expert eye
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The product is good and free!

But social media tools not for YouTube it isn’t good,

they don’t like third systems.

It’s not de best tool but it helps in de beginning to get out of the sandbox!

So, we would use youlikehits in de beginning of network project!

Basically, all subscriber tools aren’t great cause many unsubscribe fast.

However, they will give the boost you need to attract organic subscribers.

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social media tools

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