The power of the web!

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The Power of the Web!

The power of the web;

The internet can help you to live your dreams and to design the perfect lifestyle that will make you truly happy.

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Whether you have a small business that you want to turn into a big business, or whether you want to make money writing a blog on a topic you love

internet marketing can do that for you.

As an internet marketer, you can make a truly ‘passive income. That means earning
a living by writing an amazing website once or creating a product once and then
letting the income roll in forevermore. You can even do this as an affiliate
marketer, by selling someone else’s product.

As an internet marketer, you can earn a little money on the side, writing articles for
other people.
The only problem? Most people have no idea where to begin with this.
When I tell a lot of people that I make money online, their response is often to
look at me perplexed.
“What do you sell?”
“Well…. Nothing…”
“Where does the money come from?”
I actually had to promise my grandma that what I was doing wasn’t in any way illegal
because she found it so hard to understand that I could make money without
leaving the house!
My sister recently decided she no longer wanted to do her current job and that
she’d like to start off online like me. She asked me how she could get started, what
she needed to learn, and what a good resource would be for her to begin.
And I was just kind of lost for words. Truth be told, there isn’t really a great resource
out there for people just getting started. Truth be told, there is a huge amount of
misunderstanding regarding what internet marketing is, what it’s capable of and how
you should get started with it.


This is why you see so many businesses get it entirely wrong. Have you ever visited a
business site, only to see that it looks completely unprofessional and cluttered?
Have you ever visited a brand’s social media page to see that it hasn’t been updated
in months? Or that what is there is just uninspired and unlikely to convince anyone
to buy from them?
A lot of small businesses will recognize the power of the web to bring them money and
customers but they won’t have any clue how to begin. Thus, they will often end up just
hiring the first SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company they can find and hoping blindly that the company will maintain its side of the bargain and actually help them get to the top of Google.
Sometimes that happens. Other times, the company uses outdated,
spammy techniques and the business goes bust.
Either that or the company does nothing much, and the small business just wastes
a lot of money.
But how is the company to know whether their SEO agency is doing a good job
when they don’t really understand how SEO works?

power of web economy

The Economy of the Web So, assuming you’re a complete green-horn at this point, you might be
wondering how precisely money gets generated online. Where does it all come
from? Why is it profitable to run a website that is free for anyone to read?

The Power of the Web! many ways to financial freedom!
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The answer is advertising. If you create a website and place adverts on it, then you
will get paid by the advertisers, depending on how many people see your website
on a given day. The simplest way to explain this to someone unfamiliar with the internet
marketing is to say that it is the precise same business model as the one used by
free magazines handed out at your local subway stop.

These magazines don’t cost anything to read but because so many eyes are on
them, the publishers can charge advertisers large amounts to show their ads. You
can do the precise same thing by having a website with a large amount of traffic.

There are several different ways in which advertising can make you money as a
web publisher:


• PPC – This is ‘Pay Per Click’ and popular examples include the likes of Google
AdSense. You also get ‘CPM’ which means Cost Per Impression. PPC pays
out when someone clicks on one of your ads and CPM pays out each time
an advert loads on your site. You sign up to the ‘ad network’, get given some
code, place it on your site and start earning.

• Banner Ads – Banner ads are much more straightforward. These are agreed
with advertisers on a per monthly basis and you’ll simply get paid a fee by
that advertiser each month that the ads are displayed.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a big aspect of internet marketing
and it’s actually one of the principal ways that money gets made online. Here,
you get paid commission if someone buys a product that you recommend.
So, let’s say you’re a big blogger who writes about fitness. You might then
recommend a certain protein shake and each time someone buys that shake
using the link you’re provided with (which is how they know you sent them),
you will earn 30% of that sale. The more persuasive you are and the more
visitors you have on your site, the more you can earn.

o There are various other variations on this theme. In ‘white label
dropshipping’ for instance, you sell a product that you brand as your
own but each time a sale is made, a manufacturer will do the work
and send out the item while taking a cut of the money.

• Sponsorship – These days, sponsorship is more and more of a big deal on the
web. If you can build a website with thousands of viewers, or a YouTube channel
with a million subscribers, then that will make you a ‘thought leader’.
Now brands will want to associate themselves with your brand and so they
might pay for you to give them a shout-out, or even just to wear their clothing.

This is how your general blog will make money online, but of course, there are many
different types of businesses that run and thrive online.

The Power of the Web! many ways to financial freedom!
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That’s because these days,
you can sell pretty much anything online.
Often then, your business will simply sell a product or service. If you are a law firm,
then you make money through your website every time someone calls up and
secures your services.

If you have an e-commerce shop selling CDs, then you’ll make
money each time someone buys a CD.

And these days, more and more creators also sell ‘digital products’. So, a digital
product is simply a product that isn’t physical. So, this isn’t a car or an ornament,
but rather it is an ebook or an online course. The advantage here is that anyone can
make a digital product – often it is just a PDF. What you are really selling in this case
is the knowledge.
Likewise, a company can sell digital services, which means they’ll be selling article
writing, web design, search engine optimization… in other words, they’ll be
selling things that the other sites can use in order to be more successful in selling
their products.
Whatever the business model of the website, social media channel, or YouTube
channel though, the constant truth is that more traffic = more money. The more
people view your site, the more advertisers will want to work with you, the
more you’ll be able to sell products for a commission, and the more you’ll be able
to sell your own products and services.
That said, there is one thing that is actually MORE important than traffic, and that is
engagement. In other words, do the people who come to your site go there
because you have advertising everywhere, or do they go there because they love
your brand and they’re curious to know what you’re going to write about next? It’s
the TRUE fans that are likely to buy your products and to follow your
recommendations. They are the ones you want on your site.


The Balance of Power In each of these different business models, the balance of power is slightly different. Your aim is to ensure that the balance is in your favor as often as possible. So, for example, if you are making money from PPC, where do you think you are on the ladder? You’re right at the bottom!
Somewhere at the end of this long chain, someone is making a purchase.

means that an advertiser is paying Google for each visitor and Google is then giving
you a percentage of that money. So not only do you have Google as the middle man,
but you are also losing a customer – normally for only a few cents. That customer is
then heading over to another website, where they are making the other company
more money. You know that on average, each customer is worth more to the
advertiser than they are to you, otherwise, the advertiser wouldn’t have the money to pay for your adverts – it wouldn’t be profitable!

So, you should think long and hard before covering your website in ads and calling
it a day.
If you go direct to an advertiser and get paid per month for a display ad, then you’ll
be a little higher up the ladder because you’ll be making money directly from the
advertiser without anyone taking a cut in between.
Better yet is to be an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers often make very large
cuts of the overall profit and in the case of digital products, this can sometimes be
as much as 70% or even 90%. The product owners don’t mind giving away so much
profit because they wouldn’t have made the money themselves anyway. This is
additional to what they are already making from their own sales and the more
commission they give away, the more sellers they attract to help them shift units.

But you’re still giving away some of the profit and you’re still not in control of the

The Power of the Web! many ways to financial freedom!
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Moreover, you are still sending someone away from your website in order to
make that cash.

And this is why it’s better yet to have your own product whenever

And if you’re a business that sells an actual physical product, or a useful
service, then you will still be in the strongest position possible.
Then again, there is nothing to stop you from having multiple different revenue
streams on a single website. You can run a blog that makes money from AdSense,
also has a paid banner ad at the top of the page, also recommends affiliate
products in the body of the blog posts, and also sells an ebook. And why not offer a
consulting program on top of that?
Either way, this is what makes the web go round. Well, that, Google and content.


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