Treasure hunting hobby! really?

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Crazy hobby! really?


Treasure hunting hobby;

If you want to get plenty of fresh air and have an adventure at the same time,

then geocaching might be something you want to try.


Geocaching is like treasure hunting in the great outdoors.

By incorporating the hunt with exercising,

you’ll soon realize you’re clocking more steps than you thought without realizing it.

But, before you go you’ll want to learn about it so that you can stay safe.

  • Understand Your GPS Device – You don’t want to get lost, so it’s a good idea to learn how your GPS works depending on what kind you are using. Many geocaches are hidden in plain sight but they’re often off the beaten path, so you don’t want to get lost.
  • Bring Extra Batteries – You never know if you’ll be gone longer than you thought, so you will want to be able to recharge your GPS/phone so that you don’t get stuck or lost. You can buy chargers that work great for this.

Bring a Map

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– Just in case all else fails, learn to read a map and bring it with you.

You never know what can go wrong or how fickle GPS can be.

You don’t want to get lost and not be able to find your way out.

Understand the Terrain First

So you need to know what the landscape is like before you go so that you can dress correctly.

But you may want to wear a hat to avoid ticks and mosquitoes; you might want to wear hiking boots so you don’t slip.

Also may not be fit enough to go.

Pack Supplies

No matter what, always take snacks and water with you so that if something goes wrong you will not die from dehydration and starvation.

Plus, if it’s taking a little longer than you expected, you won’t have to stop and can keep going without worrying about low blood sugar.

Take Someone with You
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– It’s better to do this activity with a partner.

That way, if something goes wrong you have someone to help.

But, also, it’s always good to enjoy the great outdoors with a friend or spouse.

Nothing is better than breathing in fresh air and taking in nature.

Tell Others Where You’ll Be

– Whether you go with someone else or not, be sure to tell others that you’re going and approximately how long you’ll be gone.

You may lose your phone signal depending on how far off the beaten path the geocache is,

and if you get lost someone can come find you if they have a general idea of where you might be.

Mark Your Trail

Treasure hunting hobby

– As you’re going through looking for the geocache, you’ll want to mark your trail. But,

use only environmentally friendly practices and clean up your mess if you leave a trail with ribbons or other items.

Marking your trail will not only help others find you if needed, but will also help you find your way back.

Take a Good Camera

– You’ll want to document your find.

Treasure hunting hobby

When you locate the treasure, take a picture of it, and share it with others who are interested in your hunt.

Be sure to also sign the logbook as a historical record that you were there.

Leave Everything as You Found It

Treasure hunting hobby

– You can take things from the geocache,

but you should always replace it with something of equal interest and value and make note of it. You can also leave it as is.

Also, never leave anything behind that is illegal or not suitable for an entire family.

It’s supposed to be a fun way to get more exercise in nature so that you can be healthier.


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